Repeat medication can be requested by calling in to reception, by post or by fax. Telephone requests are not permitted, but a special dispensation is in place for the over-60s and housebound patients who may call 01922 612048 between 8.30 and 11.00am daily.

Requests can also be requested by EMIS (see below).

You will need to register with the practice before using this service.

If you do not have access to a computer and require a repeat prescription, please hand your computer slip to reception with the items you require clearly marked on it. We are happy to post your prescription upon receipt of a self-addressed envelope. The prescription can either be sent direct to the chemist of your choice (once the chemist’s registration documents have been completed) or you can collect it from the surgery. Requests received will be ready within 48 hours of receipt.

Please note that only items specifically listed for repeat on the computer can be obtained in this way. For all other items, even where they have been prescribed in the past, you will need to discuss your request with a doctor.

From time to time you may also find a message on your prescription prompting you to see the doctor for review. This is part of the practice’s routine monitoring of all medications and you should make an appointment for review of your prescription. We may have to alter or discontinue your prescription if you do not attend for review.

Generic Prescribing

All medications have at least two names – a generic name and one or more brand names. An example of this in another area would be: vacuum cleaner (generic) and Hoover, Electrolux, Dyson or Panasonic (brand names). Sometimes therefore, the name of the medication you are receiving will change, whatever its name. There are stringent safeguards to ensure that the medicine is identical whether it is generic or branded.