Spokesperson Nomination

If you’d like to give permission for someone you trust to discuss your medical records with us on your behalf, please ask reception for a spokesperson consent form.

Family Planning/Cervical Smears

Both the doctors and nurses will advise on family planning. Cervical smears are carried out by our practice nurses by appointment. We would like all women between 25 and 49 to have a cervical smear every three years and women between 50 and 64 every five years.

Joint Injections and Verrucae Treatment

Joint injections are carried out at another site.  Verrucae treatments are carried out at the surgery.  Please check with appointments for availability.

Child Health Surveillance

Child health surveillance is currently shared between:

Dr Conod and Dr Mahmood – 8-week checks (by appointment)

Practice nurses – childhood immunisations (by appointment)

The health visitors can be contacted via Brace Street Health Centre on 01922 605900.

Please visit the NHS website for more information: www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/nhs-vaccinations-and-when-to-have-them

Patients 75 Years And Over

Senior patients can request a check-up by one of our practice team if they have not been seen regularly by the doctor.


Antenatal care is covered by both midwife and the doctor on a shared-care basis and postnatal examinations are done by the doctor.

Chronic Conditions

Patients with diabetes, asthma, COPD and CHD will have their care shared between doctors and nurses within a carefully controlled and monitored clinical programme.

Holiday Vaccinations

Holiday vaccination advice is given by consultation with one of the practice nurses. Various information leaflets are available.

Please note that some travel vaccines are not available on the NHS and are provided only as a private service by the practice.